Trollskogen selected for Stugan 2018


A very exciting thing that will take place this summer is being part of the Stugan 2018 accelerator program. In just one week, 21 game devs from around the world will travel to the middle of Sweden and live in cabins in the Nordic woods for 2 months. Here we will be working on our games, receiving mentorship from industry professionals and taking in inspiration from the environment around us – including each other.

It is an amazing opportunity to have been selected for the program, and this will certainly enable me to take Trollskogen through its next steps. Creating a game about exploring the Nordic woods while living in the actual Nordic woods just couldn’t be more perfect. I’m very much looking forward to being in an environment together with other creatives, and I have a strong feeling that I will grow as a game developer there.

The other projects that are part of this years program are looking fantastic, have a look at the trailer:

There have been many amazing games being created at Stugan in the last 3 years that the program has been running, including Semblance, Gonner, Dandara, Tunic, Tick Tock, Intergalactic Space Princess, Mosh Pit Simulator….the list goes on! No pressure…

I’m looking into setting up some streaming time as well as creating small vlogs during the time I’m there, and Stugan has its official YouTube channel where there will be video posts of the teams and projects throughout these months. I’m aiming to record the streaming sessions to show parts of the development of Trollskogen, but more on that later!

This was my video application for Stugan 2018, it gives an introduction to Trollskogen 🙂

Next time I’ll be writing from the woods in Sweden, so excited!
Thanks for stopping by!

– Sara

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